I am a behavioural ecologist whose research aims to understand how and when behavioural responses of animals to environmental change can lead to broader ecological consequences and long-term evolutionary shifts. I am also interested in the causes and consequences of individual and group variation, including the role behavioural variation plays in mediating species responses to human-altered conditions. I try to study these questions within real-world contexts, where animals face a myriad of challenges that can have simultaneous and cumulative effects on their behaviour and survival. To do this, I use a wide range of data collection methods, from controlled laboratory studies, to semi-natural mesocosm experiments, to remote tracking of animals in the wild.

I am currently postdoctoral fellow in Professor Tomas Brodin’s research group at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, UmeĆ„, Sweden. My position is generously funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation. Please feel free to contact me at marcus.michelangeli@slu.se