I am a behavioural ecologist interested in how our wildlife is responding to anthropogenic change. The goal of my research is to understand how and when behavioural responses of individuals to environmental change, can lead to broader ecological consequences, and long-term evolutionary shifts, across multiple levels of biology, from individuals to communities, and species, from prey to predators. I attempt to study these questions within real-world contexts, where animals face a myriad of environmental challenges, that can have both simultaneous and cumulative effects on their performance and survival. To do this, I apply a wide-range of data collection methods, from controlled laboratory studies, to semi-natural mesocosm experiments, to GPS tracking of animals in the wild.

I’m currently a postdoc in Andrew Sih’s research group at University of California, Davis in the Department of Environmental Science & Policy. Please feel free to contact me and check out my research, publications and CV for more information